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Kukkiwon High Dan Promotion Special Test Oct. 11~13 2013
October 11, 2013
Kukkiwon High Dan Promotion Test and Poomsae Seminar
Where:  Double Tree-Holton Hotel,  Torrance, CA 
 When:  October 11~13  Friday, Saturday, Sunday

KUKKIWON  Special  Promotion Test

Guideline for in the USA 





 I hope this letter finds you in good health. I take this opportunity to appreciate your devotion to the promotion and development of KUKKIWON Taekwondo in the USA. It is my great pleasure to inform you that the KUKKIWON will organize a Special (Dan) Promotion Test in the USA. The main purpose of this Special Promotion Test is to provide a venue for Taekwondo practitioners who have not promoted through the KUKKIWON Dan process for various reasons, an opportunity to achieve KUKKIWON certification. Most importantly, this examination will allow us to further promote thespirit of Taekwondo through KUKKIWON certified Taekwondo Masters in the USA. Please cooperate on this matter, and I look forward to the KUKKIWON working closely with each of you to make this promotion test a great success for all of you.  

General Director

Coordination Bureau

 YU, Sang-Chul





 Schedule &  Location           

         SPECIAL PROMOTION TEST (3 days):

        LA:   Double Tree-Hilton Hotel, Torrance, CA:  10/11 - 10/13

        Chicago:  10/04 - 10/06

                                    Note:  Actual venue for each city to be decided.   


     1. Individuals who currently hold KUKKIWON Dan certificate:

                 If you have the KUKKIWON certificate, but for various reasons have not tested for many years, you may attempt to advance your rank. However, minimum time and age are required for the promotion test. (See the below table.)

  2.  Individuals who hold non-KUKKIWON Dan certificate (National/Kwan/private):

              If you do not have the KUKKIWON certificate, but have another Taekwondo Dan certificate, you may apply to test for the equivalent rank of the non-KUKKIWON Dan certificate. However, non-KUKKIWON certificate should be issued on year 2012 or before.


Minimum time required

Age limits

1st to 2nd Dan

1 year

2nd to 3rd Dan

2 year

3rd to 4th Dan

3 year

21 years and older

4th to 5th Dan

4 year

25 years and older

5th to 6th Dan

5 year

35 years and older

6th to 7th Dan

6 year

41 years and older

     Registration fee: KUKKIWON Special Promotion Test Fees

   How to apply

  1. The applicant must apply for the KUKKIWON Special Promotion test through   the KMS special member (WTMU, World Taekwondo Masters Union) - NOT directly to the Kukkiwon. 

 2. Documents to be submitted

 Application form

 Recommendation letter from MOU Association

 A copy of KUKKIWON Dan certificate (Final Rank)

 A copy of non-KUKKIWON Dan certificate (From 1st to Holding Rank)  A copy of residence document, if applicant is not US citizen.


  3.  Application Form




  4. Application period:        June 1, 2013 - September 20, 2013 

  5. Postal Mail and Questions:  


   161 Fairfield Rd. Fairfield, NJ 07004

   Tel:  (973) 809-2744  or (704)542-5055



  6. Fees Payable to: KUKKIWON

   7.  Further Questions:  

KUKKIWON, International Team

Attn:  Y. J. Na, # Section Chief
Tel:  82-2-3469-0153


 Announcement of qualified applicant:    September 10, 2013 


  How to take the practical test

1. The practical test for 3rd Dan will be conducted by MOU Association in each state.

2. The practical test from 4th to 7th Dan will be conducted by KUKKIWON Promotion Test


3. All applicants must attend Poomsae seminar and Practical test. If applicants are not attending

Poomsae seminar, they will not be qualified for the Practical test.


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